Dr. Kamshad Pouraslani

With many years of dental experience, Dr. Kamshad Pouraslani has a passion for changing the world one smile at a time. Dedicated to the dental profession, Dr. Pouraslani works to unite dental technology, skill and social responsibility to create stunning smiles for his patients.

Personable and caring, Dr. Pouraslani is committed to providing a high level of dental service. He treats each patient with the utmost respect, creating unique treatment options for each individual’s needs and concerns.
Dr. Pouraslani graduated from Shahid Beheshti Dental school in Iran in 1994, where he started a private practice in addition to carrying out Forensic dentistry and working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve oral health in rural areas of Iran. He then moved to Canada where he attended and graduated from UBC’s School of Dentistry in 2004.

Dr. Pouraslani takes great pride in maintaining a dental practice that is honest, up to date, and eco-friendly. Committed to social responsibility, Dr. Pouraslani travels to Africa on a regular basis in order to offer his expert service as a volunteer dentist. His main goal is to bring empowerment to his patients with smiles that bring confidence, pride and higher self-esteem.

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