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A brand new smile

Custom dentures are one of the most natural ways to fill large gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth. Full tooth loss has multiple causes. It can occur as a result from anything to injury and decay, to removal by a dentist for reasons of health.

Custom made by the team at Urban Dental Clinic, dentures can be used to replace one or several teeth to support and stabilize adjacent teeth. Dentures also work to lift your cheek and jaw muscles, resulting in an instant face lift.

Because of their realistic appearance and function, you can live as you normally would. Replacing toothless areas results in greatly increased chewing ability, visual appeal, and pronounciation.

In just a few appointments, you can be fitted with your own set of personalized dentures. After an initial impression of your bite, you can choose the size, shape and shade of your new, perfect teeth.

To start the process and get a new smile, call us today.

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